Imagine a life of hard work, where you don’t have any machines to help you. Let’s consider building a Pyramid without machines, it would take years and thousands and thousands of men to complete it. But, fortunately for us, we have developed assistants in almost every walk of life. These assistants are computerized machines, programmed to do specific tasks of work more efficiently than humans.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines reliably make complex shapes that are too difficult to make on manual mills and lathes. They are extremeely important in many industries, from cars to planes to laptop computers. CNC machines offer increased productivity and flexibility.

Binary Engineering delas in all kind of new and used CNC Machines of different catagories.

CNC PCB Machine

It is very difficult to drill holes manually on PCB sheet so to overcome this problem Binary Engineering designed CNC PCB machine which drill the holes on PCB sheet automatically. Parallel to this, the machine also perform etching operation on PCB sheet automatically.

3-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Binary Engineering offers 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine for machinict to make diferent tools, dies and molds.

We also offer milling machines for engraving on wood working products.


We are proud to be a premier source for CNC Milling machines. We strives to provide innovative technologies to the CNC machining industry by offering elite products at competitive prices. In addition, we offer CNC control and operating softwares which is user-friendly and easy to learn, regardless if used for production or prototyping. Our CNC machines can be used for metalworking and woodworking applications, as well as many other industrial machining needs.