Breed Aquatics Row Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Specification of the Machine:
  • Welding Wire Diameter: 1.3-2.5mm
  • Welding Mesh Size: 50x50 - 200x200mm
  • Welding Width: 1220mm
  • Welding Speed: 60 times/min
  • Nominal Voltage: 380v 3 phase electric 50HZ
  • Nomial Power: 65KVAx5
  • Exterior Size: 2500x2700x1500mm
  • Weight of Machine: 2600kg
  • The machinery adopt engine and electronic control technology Sub-synchronous,control of welding and high precision grid size,mesh can be adjusted within a certailn range.
  • Mainly used breeding(hencoop,rabit cage,fox cage etc.