Semi-automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

The machine is the used of a large diameter wire by ginning machine for rolling into shape,weaving various mechanical specifications for the square hole sieve series weaving machins.The product structure compact,easy to operate,can be woven mesh 2-8mm, wire diameter 1-8mm,weaving width of 1-4 meters,the aircraft products are widely used in mining for classification purposes sieve(common;y known as the mine screen net),the aircraft also known as mine screen loom.

Specification of the Machine:
Weaving Width(mm) Overall Dimension(mm) Motor Power(KW) Machine Weight(kg)
1000 2500x2000x1500 0.75 750
1200 2600x2500x1500 1.1 800
1300 2800x2500x1500 1.1 1000
1500 3000x3000x1700 1.5 1200
1800 3000x3000x1700 2.2 1400
2000 3300x3000x1800 3 1600
2300 3500x3000x1800 3 1800