Expanded Metal Machine(Punching Metal Machine)

The machine are used for punching sheae the cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 1.2-2.5mm the width of 2000mm material strength of 450N/mm2.The specifications of punching shear are survey by the bit of TB5-20 mesh grid plate.

Specification of the Machine:
Model  Thickness Width Times Distance  Punching Distance Nominal Power Weight Overall Dimension
JQ25-6.3 ≤1.0mm 500mm 180/min 0-1.15mm ≤20mm 2.2KW 0.95T 950X570X1780mm
JQ25-16 ≤1.0mm 1000mm 150/min 0-1.2mm ≤25mm 3KW 2T 1800x1320x1550mm
JQ25-25 ≤1.5mm 1200mm 150/min 0-1.2mm ≤30mm 4KW 3T 1940x1600x2010mm
JQ25-63A ≤2.5mm 2000mm 70/min 0-4mm ≤100mm 11KW 10T 2400x3500x2300mm
JQ25-63B ≤3mm 2000mm 45/min 0-4mm ≤200mm 11KW 10T 2400x3500x2300mm
JQ25-100 ≤4mm 2000mm 60/min 0-4mm ≤150mm 15KW 12T 3600x2500x3000mm
JQ25-160A ≤6mm 2000mm 20/min 0-7mm ≤200mm 22KW 18T 5500x1750x3300mm
JQ25-160B ≤6mm 2500mm 20/min 0-4mm ≤200mm 22KW 20T 5500x1750x3300mm