Large Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine(Gabion Mesh Machine)

Gabion mesh machine is also called heavy-duty hexagonal wire netting machine.The gabion box is made of pieces of hexagonal wire netting,which is mainly used as building material,it can be used in resevior for closure,and also seaves as highway guard rail netting,railway guard rail netting,green gurad rail netting,side hill mesh case,flood fighting mesh case,dike dam guard rail netting,zoo guard rail netiing,mine tunnel supporting mesh,grass land mesh,etc.

Specification of the Machine:
Model  Mesh Size Maximum Wire Diameter Maximum Width Producing Speed Motor Power
YNW60x80-24 60x80-24mm 2.2-2.8mm 2.4m ≥1.5m/min 18.5kw
YNW80x100-24 80x100-24mm 2.2-3.5mm 2.4m ≥2m/min 22kw
YNW60x80-46 60x80-46mm 2.2-2.8mm 4.6m ≥1.5m/min 30kw
YNW80x100-42 80x100-42mm 2.2-3.5mm 4.2m ≥2m/min 30kw